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Vancouver Island - A haven for all who have an artists temperment and inspiration for all who love the outdoors.  Mountains, to ski and hike, flanked by ocean and bays to while away summer afternoons. 
When I was living in Coquitlam this is what always drew me to the Island, whenever I could get away.  The time has finally come, as I knew it would, and I have moved to this most beautiful Arcadian land. Please don't get me wrong, I still have a deep affection and involvment with the Tri Cites.  I am still the webmaster for and am still on the board and webmaster of a couple of other Tri Cities Non Profit organizations (TCCTV & MPA), but the time has come to make the move. 
I am now living in Qualicum Beach and I am begining to explore the local artists enclaves.  Artists are many and diverse up, down and across the Island, I am looking forward to visiting as many as I can in the coming months.  This leads up to the purpose of this page.  I hope to bring to you a sampling of the local artists, their medium, their techniques, and their philosophy and you never know, you may want to visit them yourselves. Come, if you can, and enjoy the pleasures of "Island Time".

Steven Bridge.
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March 2nd, 2016.

I was out for a drive, looking for something to photograph, when I came across "Maloonie".  Maloonie is the studio and gallery of the multi-medium artist Ina Griet, located up the old Island Highway (north) from Qualicum Beach in Dashwood.  She and her husband moved to Canada, from Germany 18 years ago and is now operating her gallery, set in a beautiful mountain setting, where she offers extensive one on one 'one-day-creativity-retreats'.  Ina has had several large single and numerous joint exhibitions as well as many performance shows.  In her 'spare time' she wrote and published two German poetry books.  Her style is casual Westcoast combined with European Flair and a good deal of universal humour.  Her intention is to add smiles and beauty to the world with her art and she wants to demonstrate that creativity is life. She believes art has healing power and it is a language that can be understood by everybody and is worth more than money can ever buy. 

  • Retirement Lesson or “Feeling useful makes one youthful!!!!”

    Don’t let burn out too soon your fire,
    learn instead how to retire.
    You may have money or may not,
    but that just makes the flower- POT.
    How you bloom is up to you
    and depends on what you do.
    Certainly due to ‘times theft’
    body strength is ‘lesser left’.
    A good way to make up for it
    is to use your brain and grit.
    Know your values, but allow

  • that these values sometimes bow
    to keep smooth the common ground.
    Then take wisely in account
    that purpose is the driving force
    that get’s you going like a horse.
    So find something that is in need
    for your involvement and your deed.
    Thus --- you don’t need a ‘muscle pile’
    to go the gracious extra mile…
    I think that you are doing exact that! 

    - Ina Griet Raatz-von Hirschhausen